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De beauty must haves volgens Katia van BEAUTYMINDED

Beautyblogger Katia van BEAUTYMINDED zocht en vond enkele must haves bij Juttu. Ontdek welke verzorgingsproducten zij gebruikt en wat haar favoriete Juttu-kaarsen zijn! #LightenUp


Katia startte de blog BEAUTYMINDED in 2013: "Ik ben met BEAUTYMINDED begonnen omdat ik wel, erg beauty-minded ben. Ik kan uit m’n dak gaan voor een nieuwe lipstick collectie, ik ben de gelukkigste vrouw op aarde als ik een heerlijke geurkaars kan aansteken en ik heb een lange zoektocht naar doeltreffende huidverzorging achter de rug dus ik ken wel wat van producten en formules. Mijn passie voor schrijven en mijn liefde voor fotografie, zijn de andere ingrediënten die BEAUTYMINDED maken tot wat het is, een stukje van mezelf en een plaats waarvan ik hoop dat iedereen er een beetje schoonheid en inspiratie vindt.” 

De beauty must haves van Katia

Last week I lost myself in the beautiful webshop that’s Juttu. Juttu is Finnish for “storytelling” and as if that doesn’t say enough, they add that you shop their site like you shop a magazine. At first, I was looking for categories or for a clear structure – but then I found the beauty of wandering and clicking through their pages, stumbling up on all these beautiful things. Then I discovered the beauty section, obviously. I went wild and did some amazing discoveries, let’s dive in.

Now masks are having a real revival, I was so curious to try out some masks from the Latvian brand Mádara. They use their Northern expertise and especially now, while Winter is here, I think they can help my skin. I ordered their AHA Peel Mask and the Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask to revamp my Sunday mask routine. I was also intrigued by their Oil-to-Milk Scrub. How cool does this sound? And my excuse is that I currently don’t have a really good scrub, true story.

I was so impatient that I gave the Scrub and the Detox Mask already a first spin and I really like them so far. They’re very effective and I just can’t stop feeling my baby soft skin right now. I can see that a little goes a long way so these tubes are pretty huge

When I saw that Mádara also has some roll-on deodorants, I clicked two of them in my basket since I’m on the hunt for a good, harmless deo. The first one I’m going to try is the Bio-Active Deodorant that’s great for everyday freshness. Then there’s also the Soothing Deodorant for a calming effect, they’re both aluminium-free and they smell gorgeous.

Around the point where I found the deodorants, I saw a product of the Belgian skincare brand, Cîme cosmetics. It’s the time of the year where I could use their Himalaya Balm, a healing potion full of goodness that I use on everything that hurts or itches. In that sense that it calms down painful joints, sore feet or my “too much on my head” headache before I go to bed.

A few weeks ago, I saw a picture on Juttu’s Instagram where Moments of Light was in the spotlight. I remember clicking around with the hashtags and a lot of people loved the scent of their body products. I can only say, they are right to. The Golden Honey scent of the Shower Foam and Hand Wash are brilliant! These are such nourishing products, I can’t get enough of them. (And I didn’t mind that the hand wash leaked on my bed linen a bit, now that smells amazing too.)

 When I saw Moments of Light also did beautiful three-wick candles, I couldn’t resist – and it all went south from there. They make candles that make you live a moment, they don’t talk about the scent or ingredients, you just see the theme. I picked the Moments in the Morning candle and although I’m now technically burning it at night, it feels fresh like a Spring morning. It’s one for when I’m working some deadlines, it helps me keep my calm.

Looking at the beautiful candles, I realized I could use some more because my candle stash is slinking fast. Well hello Winter. I didn’t have to think long when I saw the beautiful soy wax candles by Munio. How gorgeous are these? Wild Flowers reminds me of Primavera, the Galeries Lafayette exclusive by diptyque and Juniper & Limonium is so pure and empowering that I think I want a fragrance of this.

I thought I wouldn’t find any candle prettier than these but then I saw the words “fig” and “apricot” and I went in to heart-eye-emoji-mode. I can’t not pick a candle with a fig scent so I added Meraki’s Scented Candle in Fig & Apricot to my order. And I’m happy I did so, it’s beautiful and it makes me want to move to Greece – or any warmer country for that matter.

Meraki is a stunning Danish lifestyle brand and they had two accessories in their range that I’ve been looking for. I want to get on with the dry brushing trend that gives you gorgeously glowing skin, this Back Brush is made for this and will come in handy. Then, the last thing I picked up is a Nail Brush in the same theme. I have one that I use regularly but it got old and dirty, so welcome shiny new one.