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Jeroen Van Es

The holidays are right around the corner, so it is time for a gift guide. I know a lot of girls find it hard to find the right gift for a male family member or friend. I have chosen five items in collaboration with Juttu that I'd love to receive as a gift myself but that also that are suitable for most men. 

Watch - Cluse


Almost every man wears a watch so it is a gift you never can go wrong with. I've picked out this Cluse watch with a black timeframe and an olive green strap. It is something different than the classic black or brown straps. The olive green strap looks very trendy and is perfect for during winter.


Watch, € 17,50 – Cluse

Bracelet - Cezar Life


I am a huge fan of bracelets since it's a nice finishing touch to your look. I always combine it with the watch I'm wearing that day. This bracelet of Cezar Life is Belgian made and stands for high quality. It is the perfect gift if you're looking for something small for a secret santa where you have limitations to your budget. It comes in different colours so you can find one that suits best. 


Bracelet, € 35 - Cezar Life

Beanie - Bickley + Mitchell


Around Christmas winter is starting at full force. A beanie is super warm during the cold weather and to be honest we have bad hair days as well ;-). This beanie is the perfect rescue! 


Beanie, € 39,95 - Bickley + Mitchell

Wallet - O My Bag


Girls, this is not only the perfect gift for him but also for yourself. Like you probably all know, a guy will try to put his wallet in your handbag, or at least that's what I always do. If you are tired of this, just get him this tiny wallet/cardholder. It will fit just perfect in your handbag since it's a lot smaller than a regular wallet.


Wallet, € 49,95 - O MY BAG

Book - Gin & Tonic


Gin & tonic is still a huge hype and a lot of guys can appreciate a nice gin & tonic. For those men, this book is a perfect gift. It's about all the different gin and tonic brands. With each gin you will find a complete description about how it is created and how you have to drink it; what tonic you have to choose and what kind of garniture goes best with it. 


Book Gin & Tonic, € 24,99 - Lannoo

I hope I could inspire you in your quest to the perfect gift for him. I know I would be thrilled with these gifts so I'm sure there's something in this list your guy will like. I guess all that's left to do for me is wishing you all the warmest wishes for the Holidays already! 




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